Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

General Conference

Ahhhh, this week has been a different week.

First off, you all know that I'm now in a four man house. Elder Tonks is the district leader, and it's kinda weird that I now report to someone who lives in my house. He went to district leader training on Wednesday, so we had no district meeting. So Elder Hicken, Olson and I proselyted 3 full days in a row. The sad part that came from it is I got sunburned on my nose, forehead and
upperlip. Not cool, my nose is still peeling from it.

Thursday, the Zone Leaders came to Old Harbour and they split to go with each of our companionships. Elder Knowlton (who is a transfer above me) came with Elder Olson and I and Elder Christensen went with Elder Tonks and Hicken. We didn't really do much, we just did some street contacting in attempts to increase our teaching pool.

Saturday, we travelled to Maypen to watch General Conference. Elder Olson and I stayed at a house in Maypen with Elder Rebeiro and Elder Smith. Elder Rebeiro is a transfer above me and Elder Smith is a transfer below. We had a pretty good time there, although I forgot some things to pack for staying the night.

Then, it brought us to today. And now I'm writing.

I needed to include some photos so here we go:
First is a local soda that I've come to enjoy, called Bigga. Flavors include grape (as seen) orange, fruit punch, jamaica kola, pineapple, and ginger beer (no alcohol). They just changed the bottle style when I took the photo.

Next is me and my previous zone leader Elder Brown enjoying some ice cream at Juici Patti (a local restaurant) after playing a few games of pool. I had butter pecan he had strawberry cheese cake.

Here is the photo of the members of our house. I actually took this picture in Maypen. Elder Hicken is on the left (he turns 18 months this transfer and served in Old Harbour about a year ago), Elder Olson (my companion who is currently 16 months), Elder Tonks (who is my district leader and turns 1 year this transfer), and me (who turns 6 months this transfer and hates the racoon look I have because of my sunburn).

Lastly, this a photo Elder Olson took and I'm standing next to a sign that says Cameron's Bulk Chemicals. I thought my little bro. might like this.

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