Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Have you ever wondered either, What was I thinking, Where the heck did we end up and how did we get here, or Why did I do that?

If so, you are already prepared for this week's email.

First off, last week we cleaned out our refrigerator/freezer! As soon as we got home from purchasing our groceries, we (ME) set to it. I just handed all the shelves to my companion and we started cleaning! Needless to say, because we didn't start the freezer over night. We worked our way around that little snag. This included: heating a pot of water and putting it in the freezer, using a can opener as a chisel, and even using the iron we use on our clothes. Needless to say, the fridge looks much better and much more organized.

Then, Elder Walker has been going to the doctor's office for some back pain he's been experiencing because of a pulled muscle. Usually the office Elders give us a ride there. Well, Tuesday they told us to taxi there. So we got on a public transit bus that we thought would take us by there. NOPE! We got lost in our own branch area. Granted it's in a different area than we work, but we didn't know where we were or how we got there. So we had to call and they came and did an E-vac! Got us to the docs safely and late. When we left, we again to public transportation. This was supposed to drop us off at the main bus terminal. It DIDN'T! It drove right by, thankfully we got off before it reached wherever it was going.

Last week we also had an incident while teaching a lesson. Our investigator's neighbor showed up - FROSTED! She was totally drunk and we were totally messing with her afterwards. i.e. "Have you ever seen a white man?" "No, only on the television". There was much more said, but to just get her response was funny. Apparently this was a first for the neighbor. I hope she learned her lesson.

The Doctor Will See You Later

(Brandon's letter from September 20th)

It's another week here in Kingston and everything could be going better. Of course, however, everything could be going worse.

First off, last week our washing machine broke. Soooooo, we all had to wash our clothes by hand. At first, you will think this is kinda cool and not so bad. However, by the end of doing simply a weeks worth of laundry. Your wrists will be sore and red and you might even have a blister on your knuckle. You don't need a scrub brush to wash by and nor do you need a washboard. Your clothes will get washed! This will also take you at least 3 hours to do this (considering you actually want them to be clean and not just have soapy water go through the fabric).

Along with this experience, the office Elders dropped off a new stove for us. Our last one didn't have a working oven. So I finally baked my cake on FRIDAY!

Please note: the other Elders in your house will beg and plead and trade and barter for some cake. I know my companion is making me breakfast one of these days.

Next, Elder Walker has been having some back pain. The Friday before last, we were in the doctor's office. Wednesday we went for an x-ray. Then we went back again to the doctor's office this Friday. When you go to a doctor's office here, you don't just check in and wait 5 minutes before they call you back. YOU SIT THERE AND WAIT! Elder Walker and I sat in these offices for about 2 hours (each) before they finally called him back. Then they do the whole thing in 15 minutes and say send in the next one. I don't understand where it takes 2 hours when it's just fifteen minutes in the back. Can someone answer this question, please?

Lastly, we had district conference in Spanish Town. So I got to see members from Old Harbour and Linstead! I got some pics with people I didn't get to get pics of, not to mention some of my favorite missionaries. For those of you who don't know. A district is like a stake, but not as fortunate. A district doesn't have a patriarch like a stake and it also doesn't have a high priests quorum (because it has no high priests quorum, the mission president has to interview and approve all prospective melchizidek priesthood holders). In all other respects, however, it functions like a stake. Take care everyone :D

Elder Huffaker

Saturday, September 25, 2010


(Brandon's letter from September 13th)
WHEW! A lot has happened.

First off, I got a taste of Starfruit. It's like eating an apple, it has a core. It's yellow-green (more on the yellow) in color. It only looks like a star when you look down the core of the fruit. However, it tasted really good.

Secondly, Elder Hoffman and I were invited to go with the zone leaders out to Port Royale. (there are more pictures than this, but these are some of my choice) It was really fun and interesting to see Fort Charles. I didn't know this, but Port Royale has been hit by earthquakes twice! Anyway, it was a blast!

Wednesday, we had our first zone meeting in over a year. It was okay, we watched some new Preach My Gospel videos and practiced. It was good to see who all is in my zone though.

Thursday was another interesting experience. I had ants living in my mattress. So I notified the mission office. They sent me another mattress on Thursday. However, when the office Elders came to drop it off, it was raining and we were halfway across our area. So we tried to convince them to come pick us up... to no avail. Instead they said they were going to go run some other errands. When we finally made it home, we see them there reclined in their vehicle. OHHHHH I was a little miffed that they weren't doing anything at all and could have picked us up and made everything better for everyone.

Friday, after our weekly planning session, Elder Walker and I were picked up to got to the doctor's office. Elder Walker was getting his back checked out. We got there at one-o-clock. They finally called him back at about 3:45! I'm just sittin' there readin' my BoM away. I mean, yeah there were about 10 people there when we got there, but still. WOW!

Friday night the zone leaders came to stay the night. six elders in a four elder house with only four mattresses and one is a bunk bed. So we put three mattresses together with five elders on. Elder Walker lucked out and got the lone mattress on the top of the bunk. The zone leaders were checkin' on our planning and study sessions making sure we're taking the correct amount of time and doin' all the right things.

Saturday morning the zone leaders left and I was on tradeoff once again with Elder Hoffman while Elder Walker went to Portmore with Elder Branson to check how their area was doin'.

Lastly, we have a bit of a mouse problem in the house. Sooooo. KILLING SPREE!!! This is number three killed with at least 2 more to go.

Elder Huffaker

Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Full Week & a Miracle

(Brandon's letter from September 6, 2010)

This week has been hectic!

To begin, Elder Walker had a leadership meeting for 3 days, starting on Wednesday and ending Friday. So, I was able to experience being with a greeny. Talk about reminiscing. Elder Ostberg is new and in training. His companion also went to the leadership meeting. So, Wednesday I was in his area... getting lost! We did not know where we were other than we were still in Kingston. He works in the Boulevard Branch while I work in the Kingston Branch. So we don't really know the other person's area. So we rode our bicycles around in the hot sun until we were content.

Thursday was his turn to come to my area. Thankfully I knew most of the places to go. One thing that he did that reminded me of when you are brand new is you just want to talk to EVERYONE! Every single person that said anything, he would stop to talk to. I don't think he was taught about people that just idle and chat you.

It was during this day that the miracle occurred. I want to make you all aware of the power of prune juice. Some of you laugh because you may know what's coming. Others of you may think what the heck can prune juice do. This is the miracle solver for people who are constipated! BOY WAS I HAPPY! The only downside to prune juice is it is THE most expensive juice. Cost me about $800 JD! That's almost $10 USD! On the other hand, I think i would rather spend the money and feel relief than to still be blocked up.

Friday ended the meetings for leadership. I was back in Boulevard for the morning and in my area by late afternoon. I received a great birthday package that I couldn't wait to open.

Saturday, Elder Walker and I had an interesting experience. I must ask if anyone has watched Beverly Hills Cop. When Axel Foley arrives and is walking down the street and sees the two people in the black and red leather outfits.... we had a similar experience. These two Jamaicans one with all green attire and the other with all blue attire. They were also wearing the weirdest and least in fashion shades. I just had to laugh and wished I had my camera.

I did enjoy a birthday, no cake as yet. I need to buy some vegetable oil. However, I also managed not to get floured this year as well. Unless something happens later today.

Here's some pics of my time with Elder Ostberg and my new living conditions:

Elder Huffaker

Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Little Less

Well, this week there is not much to write about.
I did experience a new food. Cowfoot - it is like a delicacy here and is usually served for special occasions. Well, it's very chewy. It kinda reminded me of the pig skin. If the bone is soft enough, you're supposed to eat it. I don't really know how else to describe it.
And, I had to make more bicycle repairs. Talk about annoying. I had to get a new hub for the back wheel. I just replaced it a few months ago. GRRRR! I also had to get a new tire.
Things are definitely different here. Not what I expected. The branch here is actually smaller than Linstead and maybe even Sav. However, Elder Walker has got to be one of the greatest Jamaican missionaries to work with.
I don't really know what else to talk about, so lemme know what you're interested it.
Elder Huffaker