Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, February 28, 2011

You've got to be kidding me!

Do you ever feel like sometimes you've got everything going for you, then all of a sudden something happens that could possibly leave a black mark - something that goes on your school record, your family name back to father Adam and will haunt you for the rest of your mortal life?

Talk about a such an encounter. Never had too much of a problem with possessions before. Although, once I did get my sunglasses stolen while I was serving in Linstead. This time, it was something bigger. It wasn't MY possession so much. Elder Snelson's bicycle was stolen last Monday night. We stopped by the church to take care of a few things and when we finished and we went to leave, Elder Snelson asked where his bicycle was. At first I thought he was joking, because he went outside first and I followed in about 2 min. Then I realized, he wasn't.

So all this week, we've been walking. I haven't done walking like that since I was in Old Harbour. I thought my feet were well calloused and up to the task. Boy was I wrong. Looks like riding a bicycle can make you go soft! I have acquired a few more blisters and some sore feet, but otherwise, I'm in good working order.

Wednesday was a tradeoff. Elder Snelson went into the Boulevard Elders area for the day and I stayed here in Yallahs. Elder Wilson was with me and Elder Toutai with Elder Snelson. It was a good tradeoff and went well - at least on my end. When we traded back, it was a little messed up. We ended up waiting in downtown Kingston for about an hour. Elder Toutai overspent for the month so he had to have the Office Elders pick him and Elder Snelson up and take them to downtown. While waiting, the airport was in sight and we watched a couple planes take off. 9 weeks is so close and I don't want it to get any closer. Do I really have to put Jamaica behind in so short a time?

Elder Huffaker

Monday, February 21, 2011

You Need Pie

Well since I've received my second Christmas package, I have made a mincemeat pie... so to speak.

If you notice in the pictures, it's not exactly a pie pan. It still tasted good - mostly. The crust was a little on the salty side. I think part of the problem was I don't actually have measuring utensils!

Last Monday, I tried a new fruit. It's called Neesberry. It looks a lot like Kiwi and has a very grainy feel in your mouth. It's not exactly a favorite, but it tastes better than guava.

Sorry I'm not writing much, but I'm a little short on time today. Lastly, Elder Kraus had his birthday on Wednesday. So we floured him at district meeting. Well the flour buyer bought too much. SO what do you do with leftover flour - GET EVEN! SO everyone else got floured back. Lemme tell ya, it's no fun being blinded by flour. It stings really bad. It's ok anywhere else, but in your eyes.

I've got a tradeoff with the Kingston Boulevard Elders this week, so hopefully I'll have some good pics next week.

Wishing ya all the best of a week.

Elder Huffaker

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Transfer Week

I dont know how many of you have served missions. But when it comes to transfer week, it can be very exciting, except when you are not involved.

So, in case you missed the bulletin last week. Elder Snelson and I are still staying together in Yallahs. I did hear a rumor that I might move next transfer (great nothing like a last transfer move). So, on Wednesday, it was a full proselyting day. I kinda like the little missionary meeting breaks that we get on Wednesday mornings. So it throws me off if come transfer week nothing really happens.

In other news. Every companionship in our zone changed except for the Portmore Elders. SO, in my district is still Elder Toutai in Boulevard and Elder Brough as one of the ZL's. Elder Toutai is now with Elder Wilson and Elder Brough is now with Elder Kraus. Nothing like having a district that is younger than you.

Thursday, Elder Brough had me come down to Kingston for a tradeoff while Elder Kraus came up to Yallahs with Elder Snelson. I got loaded on sugar on this tradeoff. First we had dinner at a members house with doughnuts for desert. Then I got my second Christmas package, FINALLY. Dad's cookies were still good so more sugar there. Later we went to the Flakes for cheese crispers and lemon cake. Friday morning Elder Brough brought me a bowl of brownie slices and for lunch was banana cream pie. I think I've got a workout to do this week to get it all off. However, I got my package which means mincemeat pie!

Last week I mentioned a man we're teaching from California. I don't know how to say this, but it's kinda weird. Teaching a Caucasian person in Jamaica! He's doing fairly well and we've been able to see him pretty much every day since Thursday. It was hard for the initial contact after Saturday, but now he wants us there every day!

Take care this week

Elder Huffaker

Monday, February 14, 2011

What a gwon?

So district meeting this last Wednesday was very good. First of all, I made a pineapple upside down cake - I haven't made one since Sav. I brought the cake which was to be part of the lesson. I used an object lesson that Elder Boyd K. Packer used when he was a mission president. I talked about how the gospel is sweet and desirable. But when we take it with out hand and throw it at investigators, they don't want it and neither does anyone else. I threw the first piece at Elder Brough. The reaction was perfect. Then you dish out the cake and everyone wants it. The pictures are of our district - Elder Brough is sitting in the back/middle and later turned around with the yellow stain from where the cake hit him.
Thursday I had an interesting experience where for a while I lost my sunglasses. I left them in the taxi on the way to Morant Bay. Somehow - miracle - we got the same taxi for the ride back and there they were sitting on the back seat where I sat on the way over.

Saturday brings my next amazing experience. The Lord is always preparing people. When we missionaries don't find them, they find us. We met a man that is truly down on his luck. He's from Santa Rose California and moved to Jamaica and has been living here the last 5 years. He was truly humble and we immediately gave him a Book of Mormon and committed him to read it. We are following up ASAP. We never know who the Lord has prepared or where they are.

Elder Huffaker