Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

October 8, 2012

Hey everybody.

Well I'm standing next to Elder Grow, and he's coming home soon. Still doesn't know what to do with himself. Tell him hi for me, although he won't be back until the 17th.

We still do a bunch of biking, and the hills are still horrible. Apparently it's supposed to cool off soon so that won't be as bad. We are still trying our best to find people, and it's still going slowly. We met this other guy yesterday, who loves missionaries, loves having them over, feeding, and taking care of them, but refuses to listen to a word of religion. He's still pretty cool, although we most likely won't go over there too often. There are better thing we can be doing with our time. He does actually have 4 working pinball machines that he let us play on for a few minutes. They're pretty cool.

Other than that, most people are friendly, but don't want to listen. Conference was awesome, I have 5 pages of notes from it, (one for each session, although they are each full). It's pretty cool that missionaries can go out sooner. I think this will allow many more missionaries to serve. Personally I probably would have still left when I did, due to money reasons mainly, but I felt that when I left was really the right time for me to go. It fit perfectly with work and other personal affairs, so I wouldn't change that even if I could go at 18.

Other than all that, nothing much else has changed, so I hope all is well at home!

--Elder Huffaker

Thursday, October 4, 2012

October 1, 2012

Hey everybody.

This week was more or less a normal week for us, again. We did see one of our investigators who hasn't been visited since before I got here. He's going to take some work, but before he was being taught he was addicted to several drugs. Now he's narrowed it down to just smoking cigarettes. He does smoke a bunch still, but he's working on it.

We also got a referral who was a self referral from online. In other words, he went online and requested for missionaries to come visit him. I, however, was on exchanges and so wasn't there to meet him. We will be going by this coming week, and I will be able to get to know him then.

All in all, we are still biking a bunch. We don't go very far a whole lot, mainly because going far also means going up. And on a bike, up is no fun. Yeah, the downhill part is awesome and fun, but the uphill part is so long and exhausting that the downhill part really isn't worth it. Not to mention the heat. It's the first of October and it's over 100 today. I much more liked it when I was in Canyon Country and it was not too hot during the day. We could bike up hill and not be sweating buckets. I have noticed so far that I am getting back into biking shape. We biked up one of our big hills a few weeks ago and I was dead tired after it. We just did it again yesterday, and it wasn't so bad. Still in heat though, possibly hotter than the first time we did it, as it is not getting colder yet. We've been told that it will still be hot for almost another month, and then cool off.

Not cool.

--Elder Huffaker

(The photo included here is Cameron's companion "after a long day of biking"!)

Monday, October 1, 2012

September 24, 2012

Hey everybody from home!

This week was a usual week for us as of late. We did some tracting and other finding stuff, but we also went by an investigator that we hadn't been by since I've been here. She is an older black lady who, my companion and his previous companion helped move in. She is interested in learning the gospel, but has been baptist so far. Although she has experienced different religions and so she has told us that the one she decides on has to feel is the right one. Well that's not a problem at all! After all, that's what we expect from investigators who want to be baptized. We hope to visit her on a weekly basis, and will be bringing people over from the ward.

We did exchanges as well for a bit this week, and I went knocking with Elder Wright, the missionary being trained by Elder Otis, who are the missionaries living with us. We had no luck for all of it until the end, where we met this guy named Bryan. He was telling us how he's been to a lot of different churches and he doesn't know which one is right and he said all the religions are confusing because they are all different. Well, do we have an answer for him! We were in the Solemint area knocking so hopefully we found them a new investigator. We will be continuing our finding this week, and hope we can increase our pool as well.
-- Elder Huffaker