Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

News from Sav

From Marilyn:
The missionaries are moving to a new email system, which seems to be phasing in at different rates for different missions. Brandon's new email address is posted in the pane on the right. His email this week was also a bit short. In answering some of my questions I sent, he writes:

I would be sending pictures if my camera battery didn't die this morning. Sorry. Sav is very big with a lot of people. It's just me and Elder Hicken because they've cut down on missionaries. (about 26) Elder Hicken and I can manage what we've learned of Sav so far. I would say that Sav is about the size of Grangeville and maybe a little bigger. Not quite sure.

I haven't gotten the box you sent yet, but look forward to it. The branch is ok, but they could be so much better. The way I think of it is that Jamaica is good at what Lewiston lacks and vice versa. Here, they're good a missionary work, but bad a carrying out their callings and all that jazz.

Our investigators aren't doing so well right now. We're not sure what we're gonna do. Yes, I got my haircut. I bought some trimmers last week Monday and cut my own hair. I filled the sink in our bathroom about 2/3 full.

Then in an email intended for all, he wrote:

I'm afraid you'll have to email everyone for me. I had to set up my new account and it has left me with 5 minutes remaining. This new system works very differently and will take some time getting used to.

First off, I had a bad experience with taxi drivers this week. We were riding out to visit a new convert to the church when I started to move more into the road to turn around. I had checked behind already and was waiting for oncoming traffic. When I started to turn, I saw a taxi coming so I moved back. Well the taxi driver swerved, slammed on his brakes, throws it into reverse and just starts cussing me out. I let him speak his mind and drive off, but if I wasn't a missionary, I would have laid into the guy.

Then, this India guy just thought he knew everything. He tries telling me the whole history of religion and how everything is false and you need to call an archangel to tell you the truth. Elder Hicken had a similar problem with a member's mother.

I'll have to tell you the rest of this week's story next week as I'm out of time. Hope to hear from everyone, and pictures should be coming.

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, as most of you know I'm in a new area. I've also got a new companion. Elder Hicken is his name and Old Harbour is where he came. He was there for my last transfer in Old Harbour and now I'm serving with him. He doesn't have much time left, he has this transfer and the next and then he's homeward bound. Also, to let you all know, I'll be using a new email account shortly. I set it up today and am not sure how soon I will be using it.

As for things to tell you about: I missed this one last week where we had a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir visit in Falmouth. It was really cool. She and her husband were visiting. She sits in the front row of the choir. I forget her name.

Then since I'm in Sav, things are really crazy. Sav is the biggest city/town I've been in so far and I've gotten lost plenty of times and have had to call other missionaries to get where I'm going.

Then, Elder Goins, who was my original companion in Sav, got ET'd so now I got really lost. Elder Hicken is the one who replaced him. So we're learning Sav together.

Then yesterday, was the marrying of a couple we're teaching. Bro. and Sis. Hall are the newest married couple in all of Jamaica! So, we're hoping they keep progressing and moving forward.

As far as for more info on Sav. It has one of the best shopping centers on the island. A supermarket chain called Shoppers Fair! THEY HAVE A LOT! Plus, I now have a washing machine. I'm so happy and I don't have to pay anyone to wash for me. I also need to get a haircut.

We had zone conference in Mandeville on Friday and Pres. Graff made me stand up and show what a missionary's head is not supposed to look like. So I'm getting a haircut today.

Give me some feedback yaear!
Elder Huffaker

Monday, February 8, 2010

To Savanna la Mar

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a good week. Things have been a little crazy here. It's Jamaica of course, sun, humidity and all that other fun stuff.

Well, the big news is yesterday, I found out that I'm being ET'd (emergency transferred) to Sav. They're moving a few other missionaries too. It's not because of problems, but rather (as Elder Rebeiro and I believe) because of convenience. We believe a missionary is coming back from the Bahamas and will be with him, while I go to Sav to be with a fairly new missionary named Elder Goins (Go - ins not like Groin without the r)

Along the past week, I've been doing a lot of travelling. I went to Mobay a couple of times and to Ochi once. I guess that's what happens when your companion is a zone leader.

We've been doing pretty good, we found out that one investigator who has been waiting for a court case to be done the last six months is now able to be baptized. So hopefully that will happen this Saturday. Sad thing is is I won't be here for it.

Other than that, email me about anything you want that I can tell you the answer to. If I don't have the answer, too bad!

Elder Huffaker

P.S. From Marilyn: "Sav," or Savanna la Mar, is located on the western side of Jamaica, on the south coast. It sounds as though this transfer isn't an "emergency", but rather a transfer that just doesn't happen on a regular transfer week.

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Next Transfer

PICTURES!!! First is the baptism of Perez Gibbs. It has his daughter and our branch president in the second pic.

Then, I caught the last rasta supper in some rasta's shop and thought it was kinda humorous and had to get a picture.

GOLDFISH the smile that snacks back. (that's for Elliot)

Lastly, me with my new comp. Elder Rebeiro enjoying sodas and chips ahoy during a dinner break.

Well, a lot has happened. Of course there were the transfers. Elder Vea went home and I spent the night in Ochi on Tuesday and got to proselyte with one of my favorite missionaries - Elder Ronhaar. Then, I got picked up from Ochi to return to Falmouth. We now have a vehicle in Falmouth, which makes it so much better. Elder Rebeiro is the reason we have a vehicle, it's because he's a zone leader. Falmouth is to be a zone leading area. Basically, I show him around the place and I get replaced next transfer by the other zoneleader.

Last Monday, after emailing, I spent the rest of my p-day with Elder Vea's parents. They drove us around and I got to see some new parts of the island. Then they took us out to Pizza Hut in Mobay. That was quite the treat. It was really cool meeting them and definitely had a good time.

Lastly, I've been putting up with a lot of crap, and this time it's not from the people. It's my bicycle. I know you have to be smarter than the bicycle, but when the bicyle is extremely dumb, it can't be beat. One thing after another just seems to happen. Everything I do for it just seems to say, let's see how long I can last.

Well, take your time and enjoy life this week.

Elder Huffaker
P.S. from Marilyn: "Ochi" is Brandon's shorthand for Ocho Rios, which lies east of Falmouth, also on the north shore of Jamaica. "Mobay", as you know if you've been following this blog, is Montego Bay.

E.V. Go Home

Well, that's kinda what's the big deal this week, Elder Vea going home. Yesterday, I got to meet his unofficial adoptive parents. They came and attended church here. So, the past week, that's pretty much what the hubbub has been all about, not to mention who will be my new companion.

Last week, we also had Pres. Graff come out and interview us. While he was here, he inspected the church and told us to make a service project out of it on Saturday. So Saturday night, that's what Elder Vea and I, along with 4 members did. The ceiling in the church was starting to fall down, so we helped it along it's way.

Last week, we also had a great lesson with a former investigator (Perez Gibbs) in which he decided that this week he wants to be baptized. So this Saturday should be his baptism, providing he passes the interview.

Another couple (not married) that we're teaching is really awesome. The guy is a DJ. So he has this sweet sound system. It has like 4 control boards, a bunch of other modifier boxes and what nots. He has 4 CD players and then 6 speakers. I mean he is decked out! His name is Chris and he's a pretty good guy. Wants to learn, so hopefully everything is going well with him.

Well, for the rest of my p-day today, I'll be going around with Elder Vea's "parents". We can't leave our area, but we can show them around and do a few things with them.

Next week will be pretty interesting to see what happens. Not to mention I got a cool picture to send. I'd send it today, but I forgot my camera.

Elder Huffaker