Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Sunday, August 19, 2012

August 13, 2012

Hey everybody! First off, we had zone conference on Friday, and we had some excellent trainings. Saturday, we went and did a blitz in another missionaries area to help them out with their investigator pool, and Elder Barboza and I were able to help out those missionaries, and also were able to give out a Book of Mormon.

As for the rest of our week, we met with a bunch of the less actives we have been asked to stop by. We are having trouble meeting with one of our investigators though, who lives in the back house of one of our members. Our member who lives there has told us that our investigator is around often, but the day that we go by to visit, he is not there. We are trying to see if we can change the day that we meet to another day that he's available. We haven't met with him for a few weeks, but were able to talk to him briefly within that time. He doesn't seem turned off to learning, he's just been busy with work. Hopefully we can find a new day to meet with him.

We also were able to meet with an investigator who we have also been having a hard time meeting. We got in and shared the 2nd lesson and invited her to be baptized. To our surprise, she said yes immediately and positively. She did have some concerns after her answer, and explained a bit about baptism, but we will go over baptism in more detail. She has told us that she believes that everything that we have taught her is true, and that all her siblings and children and grandchildren have been baptized so she is very open to being baptized.

In other news, our cell phone that we are allowed to use as missionaries has started acting up. We are able to turn the phone off and on, but are unable to do anything else with any of the other buttons. The screen still works, and we can still receive calls and messages, but we can't answer the calls or respond to the texts. We will be going to the office to swap out phones, because the cell phone is an essential part of our work. It's interesting though to see how reliant we are upon this device, and how reliant people can get on technology. It has become such a critical part of our world today that without it, people would probably panic and not know what to do.

--Elder Huffaker

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