Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

November 12, 2012

Well there goes another week.

We all felt another earthquake again, this one was at about 4:30 in the morning. It was a small one again, so it really didn't matter. I don't know about the other missionaries in the apartment, but I fell back asleep pretty quickly. Makes us kinda wonder what's going to happen along the lines of earthquakes. Haven't felt one my whole mission, and now here's two. I'm hoping that if there is a big earthquake, we'll all be just fine. Some missionaries have mentioned that a big earthquake would be great so that the people here would be humble. I don't know how well that'd work, but I hope nothing too devastating happens, especially because there hasn't been a big earthquake in a while.

Anyway, on to other news. One of the potential investigators we had called before our appointment and said now wasn't the time in her life to have the discussions. So that's put on hold for a good long time. Sadly that leaves us with only one potential that we are hoping will not bail on us. However we've also been teaching a nonmember wife of a member family. She gets emotional easily, but is really awesome. We feel that if we push her toward baptism that she'd back away from it, so we are doing our best to share spiritual thoughts and hope she can feel the spirit to make the right choice. Well the last one we shared was about prayer and she determined by herself that she needs to pray and come to church more in order to get her answer. She told us that she had only prayed about the Book of Mormon once. We were happy to see that she came to this conclusion on her own. She did come to church yesterday, which was cool because since she's not a member she has no obligation to come, and hadn't been every week. She was still coming, but we believe she'll come a lot more now.

Other than all that, we've been doing a lot of knocking. It's getting worse, as the time change has made it get darker sooner, and knocking after dark is not the best idea. People usually are suspicious around here so stopping by is not very effective.

Well, we're still working hard, so hopefully we'll see some progress. Hope all is well at home!

-- Elder Huffaker

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