Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, November 16, 2009

A Weird Week

So this week, has been different, especially in a new area.

We had district meeting in Montego Bay on Wednesday. It was nothing like I expected, but then again, neither was anything else down here.

Then, Friday night, Elder Vea broke his bike pedal, we got to take it to a bicycle repair shop later today to have his pedal welded back on. Sucks to be him, and only 3 months left.

Saturday, we were informed of an area conference fireside that we had to go to Montego Bay for, again. When we got there, we started watching it (via satellite broadcast) but the weather was not in our favor. The picture kept going in and out. We eventually called it quits. So we made a trip to Mobay for nothing.

Then, we also learned that our letters to president (we send via email) never reached Pres. Graff. Apparently, there was a dispute between the Church and Yahoo, so he didn't receive any emails. He had to change his account to gmail.

Lastly, we had white people at church yesterday! It was so weird. They were members on vacation from Canada (alberta I think) I didn't expect them in Falmouth because the town is so small here. But there's like 30 hotels/resorts between Ochi and Mobay and we're right in the middle, so it almost doesn't surprise me.

Sorry I didn't get to send pictures this week. Hopefully I'll send some next week.

Elder Huffaker

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