Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Week in Yallahs

I dunno about you, but when you're not Lance Armstrong and you ride your bicycle all over the hills. You get pretty tired. So tired, you can't stay awake in studies.

Anyways. Well, we had zone meeting last Thursday in Kingston. Well this is great an' all, but the last elders had a car and we don't really know how long it would take us to get there. So we left out at 8:00 for the 10:00 meeting. One bus to Kingston, another one through Kingston, plus walking time to the church building equals 10:40!?! We were really late. I think the bus we got on to go through Kingston took the scenic route. Not to mention it stopped every 2 minutes to let people on and off. grrrrr STOP RINGING THE BELL!!!

We also had the fun experience of making rice and peas. It's not my first time, but the gas ran out. So the rice and peas turned to mush. Elder Jarman ate it still, but I've got to make another batch for him.

Then we rode up the side of the mountain. It takes about an hour to go up and only 10 to come down. But I did slap the bull! :)

We also got to enjoy some local ice cream cake. It's more like a 2 inch layer of ice cream with cookie around the outside.

Lastly, they've been building up a levee for the river to help control flooding. This involves a bull dozer. So when we rode by last night and it was parked, we decided. Hey! WHY NOT?

~short, simple and to the point. PLUS picures are worth a thousand words. Here's seven thousand words~

Elder Huffaker

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