Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Friday, October 15, 2010

First Week on the Job

Well, week one is now finished as far as training Elder Jarman goes. We did have some interesting times this week. Thankfully we had a member here who was willing to show us around and get acquainted with the members and investigators. We've been climbing up hills and chopping yards.

Along with all of that we got flooded.... again! Well I wasn't in Portmore this time. Saturday night brought some heavy rains brought water pouring down the mountain side. Our entrance was blocked off and so we had to climb up the mountain and come around a different way to get home. We were drenched and Elder Jarman broke his bicycle crank. Not only did it break, but was lost. It fell into some water and we tried to find it, however it was dark and the water was all muddy. So with wet clothes comes..... ANOTHER MISSIONARY CLOTHING DRYING MOMENT. (was that too long?)

Before the rains hit us Saturday morning. We stopped by a recent convert who grows and sells orchids. She even lent us out two of them which we are keeping on our veranda. We've got a purple-white one and an all white one. The purple has had another bloom since the photo was taken, but still nothing from the white. The member said she's trying to collect all 43 different color varieties!

Yesterday, I had to take over conducting the branch. It was kinda formidable, but I managed. I also ended up teaching Sunday School and Priesthood class. One of the former missionaries here was the branch president, so since he's gone, I've basically been given the responsibilities. Pres. Hendricks should be here this Sunday to set apart a new branch president.

We also have a brand new senior couple attending the branch here. They're training to be the new office couple. They're the Daniels from Mesa Arizona. We figure that either Elder Daniels or I will be called as the next branch president.

The Daniels did want to go out and do some missionary work, so we went to Morant Bay to see an investigator. On the way back, I got these pics to go with. It was getting kinda dark so sorry if it's difficult to see. It's the ocean and this falls along the road.

Elder Huffaker

P.S. I received a phone call from the Assistants last week. I'm also the District Leader.

P.S. from Marilyn:

In case you were wondering, a Branch President is the leader of a local congregation. Since the Church is pretty small in Jamaica, there aren't wards (larger congregations), only branches -- which are smaller. Yallahs is just a little east of Kingston, on the southern coast. Morant Bay is a little further east, still on the coast.

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