Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Hollywood, Baby!

Okay so I thought I told you about investigators last week. But where are the pictures taken in the photos you sent me?

I'm sending you pictures of the old bike I was using for a day. We are using one of those things with the big blue jugs of water as our source of drinking water. We need to go about 3 blocks to fill those up, and there is a picture of me carrying one on my bike. Yes that is a full 5 gallons of water I am transporting on my bike.

We went to Studio City today and the Hollywood sign, we took pictures and I think I'm sending those too. Came back and found the box you sent to me, with all the green stuff in it.

We are riding our bikes everywhere and my legs feel sore a lot. We are also being fed by members like every night for dinner. We usually teach some spiritual thought, and sometimes we are having dinner with part member and we teach them a full lesson.

Elder Huffaker
(On P-Day or Preparation Day, the missionaries have a majority of the day to do other activities, including emailing and laundry. On this particular P-Day, they also went sight-seeing.)
The 5-gallon jug of water. (We need to ask him why they don't just drink tap water!)
Cameron's first box from home, the Greenie Box arrived that day, too. Since he's still pretty "green" at being a missionary, we sent a box full of green items:

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