Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This Week

Not sure what to write about this week, It has really flown by. I guess the highlight has been that we got a baptism date!

We do a ton of biking all over the place, really sore in my legs. We've had a lot of people cancel on us so we are out on our bikes even more. I guess though, we just need to keep working hard and things will happen. We are working hard with people, but so is Satan, and people have their free agency, so there's only so much we can do. Already so much time has flown by, so much will happen before we know it.

We do have a great zone, nobody is really a problem missionary, we all do the work and there isn't really anyone having to be taken out and talked to or interviewed. Apparently though in the zone, we (my companion and I) are at the bottom, but we've been told by our zone leaders that they know we are doing the work because they haven't had to come down to us to straighten us out so I guess we are doing good. My district leader wants to say hi:

Hey, I'm Elder Day and I'm Elder Huffaker's District Leader. I just wanted to tell you guys that Elder Huffaker is a WONDERFUL Missionary! He is truly a delite to have in the district. He has a hilarious sense of humour and is a great worker! Its a pleasure to know him! Thanks for everything that you guys have done to influence Elder Huffaker. He is a stud! You all are great! Love, Elder Day.

Elder Day is a pretty cool guy, he wanted to say hi and also because I didn't know what all to say. He's going home soon so he's just saying hi.

Elder Huffaker

P.S. From Marilyn:

We're including a few pictures of their apartment that Cameron sent.
And also, an unusual piece of trivia: we have three missionaries from our little valley that all currently serve in the San Fernando Mission (one is Spanish speaking). Cameron sent this next photo of himself standing next to one of them: Elder Johnny Grow! Totally cool!!

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