Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Transfers: Staying Put

Hello everybody! For starters this week, if you are not yet aware, transfers are today. I am staying here in Sherman Oaks, and Elder Morgan is leaving to Canyon Country 2nd. He is going to a ward where we think his dad's cousin is. I will be getting Elder Mortenson as a companion later today, and he will be district leader. I don't know him, but from what I'm told he and I will get along great!

As for news this week, nothing really happened at the beginning. We had a few cancels, and it was just a dead week. But at the end of the week, starting on Friday, we met up with a family we have been trying to get in with for a couple weeks now, and it turns out they are a part member family. And they are watching her niece and nephew, who are interested. We came in there and met with them, gave them some Books of Mormon, and the nephew just dove right in to it. More than I've seen anyone ever do that. Then the niece showed up for sacrament meeting so that was pretty cool. We then got in with another part member family, the mom and aunt are less active, and the aunt is coming back. We are teaching a 13 year old girl with Aspergers. Hopefully we will be able to get in, because it has been hard to recently.

On Saturday, we went and saw our investigator who is paralyzed, and we are still trying to get him to see that there's more to life and there really is something after this life. Then on Sunday we went and saw one of our investigators who has a 23 year old son who lives with them and is a member. The mom has been sitting in and listening, and now we got one of the daughters to sit in too. It's a big family so hopefully we will be able to get them all! Slowly but surely though, and it's pretty well inevitable for them to not get in on the lessons.

So this coming week I will have to help get my next companion familiar with the area. Hopefully I have it enough, but we do have a big map at our pad, and a small one we take with us.

Hope all is going well at home, I have not moved so WRITE ME LETTERS! It's always nice to get them. My address is 13503 Erwin st Van Nuys California, 91401 That's a lot of stuff going on there, and not much is going on here.

Also, I'm really sorry, but I finally got the baptism picture sorta. The family picture is the one. The two kids in front are the ones that got baptized. I also am sending pictures of our Zone before everyone is leaving.

Elder Huffaker

Celebrating Halloween with the District. They made a pinata, and then beat it to pieces:
The family & missionaries with the two baptized kids in the front:
Cameron's zone, just before transfers. Cameron is 4th from the left, with the green tie:

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