Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Week

Cameron's letter of Monday, December 5th:

Hello to all from California.

So this week we experienced good and bad. We had zone conference, so that took up one of the days. We went and saw one of our investigators who was progressing really well, but it took a turn for the worse. He is under 18 and his mom isn't a member, so we need her approval to baptize him. She was okay with it until just recently, one of her friends talked to her and now she is totally against him getting baptized. She threw away the Books of Mormon we gave him (we gave him multiple because he couldn't always remember where he put it) and we are no longer allowed to meet with him.

On the other end, we were meeting with someone who we couldn't meet with for over a month, and then just yesterday she came to church. It was really amazing. But, it gets better! We were at the Christmas devotional and we get a call from bishop, and called our mission president, and found out that she is ready for baptism, and will be baptized in the coming week or two! How's that for a turn around!

So this week, we experienced both ends of the spectrum, with two people who were so close to baptism, and one not be able to, and the other seemingly not able to but is now going to!

Elder Huffaker

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