Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, April 16, 2012

Halfway Through the Transfer!

April 9, 2012

Well It's the halfway point of the transfer already! It's coming too fast! This week we worked hard on trying to find people to teach, and also find people to get on our dinner calender. Because of General Conference we didn't get it passed around in church! Luckily we got most of it filled out.

Then yesterday, Sunday, my companion and I had to fill up the font for another set of missionaries. We were stuck at church for about 9 hours. During the time we were filling up the font we decided to do some comp study because we hadn't had time that morning. The best part is that after we did comp study (which we hadn't been doing all last week...) we were able to get in with all the people we had wanted to. These were people who hadn't been responding to our calls and attempts to stop by, but now we saw them. Then we get a phone call of someone who hadn't been to church in a while who wanted a blessing. So we went over there and gave her a blessing and had a discussion with her. She said she wanted us to come and go through the lessons again and that it would be good for her kids. She has two kids, 8 and 11, who hadn't been baptized. The 11 year old also said that he wanted to be baptized. He also prays every night with his little sister when his mom doesn't. His mom looked a little surprised at what he said about wanting to be baptized and said "you never told me that" he responded with "you never asked." They are a great family and are wanting to come back to church. The kind of scary thing is that we didn't have the number in the phone and almost didn't answer. That's probably one of the best witnesses to my companion and I that we really ought to do comp study. I don't plan on missing comp study again if at all possible!

Elder Huffaker

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