Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Birthday Box

Well, for starters, this week was the first week of the new transfer. Our week was a bit slow. Although it turns out that it was the same for pretty much everybody in the zone, so we are not alone. It's just something about the new transfer I guess.

Last Preparation Day, we decided to go golf with our ZL's and another elder who was with them for that time. We had unfortunately some cancelling, and we were not able to teach much throughout the week.

On another downside, my companion, Elder Farnsworth, and I got a little bit sick. It happened kind of on Thursday and Friday. We weren't sure what exactly it was, but it wasn't good. We were not feeling well and didn't eat dinner on Friday. Not the greatest way to spend my birthday. 

Next off, my box made it here to California on Thursday. We weren't there when they first tried to deliver it. Then the slip that had been placed on our door told us they would try again between 10:30 AM. and 2. P.M. on Friday. Well, that happened to be EXACTLY during our district meeting. In other words, I knew that there was no way to get my package on Friday and I couldn't do anything about it. Well the next delivery was for Monday. Today. We decided to go golfing in the morning because a member wanted to go with us, and it cost only $4. so we did that and then came back to our apartment and waited for my package. This time it showed up and we were there. It came three times, Thursday, Friday, and today. Third time's the charm I guess. Thank goodness.

However, on another unfortunate note, our oven does not work, so we will have to go somewhere else to make the brownies you sent. All in all though, I am very much appreciative of the package that you sent me and am glad that I can FINALLY celebrate my birthday.

And, on a positive side we were able to get in with an investigator who we'd been having a bit of trouble meeting with. Hopefully we can get back on track with them. Other than that, we just keep working and moving forward here. Until next week.

Elder Huffaker

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