Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, October 1, 2012

September 24, 2012

Hey everybody from home!

This week was a usual week for us as of late. We did some tracting and other finding stuff, but we also went by an investigator that we hadn't been by since I've been here. She is an older black lady who, my companion and his previous companion helped move in. She is interested in learning the gospel, but has been baptist so far. Although she has experienced different religions and so she has told us that the one she decides on has to feel is the right one. Well that's not a problem at all! After all, that's what we expect from investigators who want to be baptized. We hope to visit her on a weekly basis, and will be bringing people over from the ward.

We did exchanges as well for a bit this week, and I went knocking with Elder Wright, the missionary being trained by Elder Otis, who are the missionaries living with us. We had no luck for all of it until the end, where we met this guy named Bryan. He was telling us how he's been to a lot of different churches and he doesn't know which one is right and he said all the religions are confusing because they are all different. Well, do we have an answer for him! We were in the Solemint area knocking so hopefully we found them a new investigator. We will be continuing our finding this week, and hope we can increase our pool as well.
-- Elder Huffaker

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