Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, February 11, 2013

February 11, 2013

Note from Marilyn:
No, you didn't miss a post. Elder Huffaker was so busy sending photos last week, that he didn't send a letter. Photos are coming, so watch for them! And now..... Elder Huffaker:

Well, this week was okay. For starters, we did some service by ripping out carpet and taking out an investigators tree. It was a palm tree, and man those suckers do NOT want to come out! The thing was hanging on with half of its roots and it still couldn't be taken out by his pickup. It was quite the difficult tree to remove. Well, we got it and then used a car jack to get it into the bed of his pickup. It was heavy, but we felt accomplished.

Well, this guy is quite the interesting fellow. So while I was in CC1, We went and did service for him, (that was a year ago) and so now I'm in the area that he was in, so we are going over and continuing to do service. Well, his daughter is a member and he I guess at one time hated the LDS church. As of late we are actually sitting down and having lessons with him. He's slowly progressing, but we feel that things are starting to click. Hopefully things will continue to improve with him.

Also, there was a referral Elder Wright and I received that we had been trying to contact for forever. Well, we have finally been able to meet her and have invited her to take a lesson. We'll see how it goes, she is known by many of the members already and is friends with one of the young women in the ward. We'll see how things go.

Also in other news, there was a front of cold air that moved in from over the ocean and cooled things down here quite a bit. It actually snowed on some of the high hills and mountain area around the valley. I have pictures of it too, but those will come next week. It got down really cold that night, I'm not sure how cold, but a lot of people were saying that their cars had frost on them. It felt great and was cool to see. We were all saying that if it snowed a couple inches the whole city would probably be shut down. That would've been funny!

Anyway, hope all is well at home!
--Elder Huffaker

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