Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 28, 2013

Hey everyone. Well this week was a bit of a slow one again. We are working on getting appointments set up with people we are trying to meet with. We currently have about 3 people we are meeting with pretty regularly.

One of them we meet with every Saturday, but he had to cancel for some reason or other. Now if you don't know, as missionaries we ALWAYS leave something with the people we teach unless we are prompted otherwise. Last week with this guy, we were trying to teach him, and he's been a bit resistant. Well, this time, we were pretty bold and blunt. We decided to just leave him to think about what we told him. It was pretty harsh and extreme, but hopefully it was what he needed. Since he cancelled we haven't been able to talk with him for about a week and a half. We hope things go well this coming Saturday, and hopefully he will have a different perspective on why we are here. Cross fingers on this one.

Also this last week we have been going around to the youth and inviting them to carry a Book of Mormon with them at school one day and leave it out in plain sight. Elder Chaney had a friend do that in his home ward and so it got a few referrals for the missionaries. We are hoping for the same effect.

During this we met with a family in the ward whose kids need gospel help. One of them says they don't have a testimony. Well what we do as missionaries is help people get testimonies, so we are going to go through the lessons with them. Their dad says we were an answer to prayers. It's amazing to see how the Lord makes things happen. The Lord works through mysterious ways, that's for sure! We just hope that they take it seriously. We think they will.

Well, we are hoping for a great week and we'll see what happens. Hope all's well!

--Elder Huffaker

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