Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Sunday, May 3, 2009

First News from the MTC

Brandon's first letter from the MTC to home arrived via snail mail on May 2. His abbreviations are: MTC=Missionary Training Center. Comp=Companion. DL= District Leader. ZL=Zone Leader.

Wednesday April 29th [2009]

Dear Mom (and dad),

To start off I went through plenty of lines here at the MTC before I found out where I'm staying. Needless to say, it's the cornerstone of the campus. Everything else I need to do or places I need to go are on the opposite side. So funny thing, I get to my room and my companion missed the reporting time & went to the one an hour later. So I was without a comp for about an hour. Oh! and my comp is Elder Tracy, he was the one I was emailing briefly.

So I'm rooming with Elder Tracy, who of course is goin' to Jamaica also. But the other 2 elders, Elder Anderson and Elder Patten, are going to the Sacramento Calif. mission.

Question: How many Elders does it take to make a bed?

Answer: 3. I couldn't get my fitted sheet on my bed, so I enlisted Elder Tracy and Elder Patten's help. The fitted sheet was too small. So we really stretched it out.

I also met my branch President today. President Madsen & his counselors are President Christensen & President Stoddard. They made me senior comp & Elder Tracy DL. So I get to be senior comp the whole time I'm here.

Apparently my branch has a rep. We're called the Celestial branch. So everyone parts their hair, say hi to everyone (especially the sisters) & some respect for sisters as well.

The other guys in my district are Elder Andrus, Elder Lusk, Elder Thurman, & Elder Takacs (Tack-us). Elders Andrus and Lusk are the ZL's in training.

Other than that, it has been a busy day. Oh! and it's no longer the white bible, it's the blessing book. And I need you to send me a few things.

1. Labels, from the p-touch
2. gum
3. water bottle

Thursday is my p-day by the way & I have yet to set up an email account. So don't expect emails anytime soon. Send me mailing addresses please!

Elder Huffaker

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