Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Friday, May 29, 2009


Brandon's first emails from Jamaica came, and Sister G. sent one more photo, with Brandon and Elder Tracy pointing out their first areas on a map of Jamaica. I asked him a ton of questions in my email, and he tried to answer quickly in a response. He writes:

Hello, hello, hello

Alrighty, so this is the first email i get to send off. normally yesterday would have been p-day but it was labour day here as well. It's either hot or humid down here. So you sweat for the simplest of tasks. The showers are pretty much cold water only, although it does feel good, but as soon as you step out, you're sweating again.

My trainer is Elder Harris from Willard Missouri. He's been out here since February 2008. I'm sure he could pass for a younger dad though, he's a curly red-head.

So far so good here, the first day that i got to Old Hrbour, it poured. It will soak you in 10 minutes flat. We do a lot of proselyting, and the people will pretty much talk to you the first time, it's the return visits that are the hardest. We do have to progressing investigators and have set a baptism date with them. :)

Leaving the MTC was a little hard, especially saying goodbye to my district. We were very close. The flights were interesting though. Flying out of SLC at 1:00 a.m. then atlanta and miami. We actually had a delay in miami because our plane had not yet arrived from its previous destination.

Other than that, the AP's picked us because the mission president (Pres. Gingery) was on a video conference with Elder Bednar and a few other mission presidents. Going through customs was really weird. Thankfully we made it ok. Then the humidity just hits ya.

The AP's drove us to a fast food restaurant and ate there, then went to the mission office, met the Pres. Gingery and his wife and then went to their house. We stayed there for two nights and then I came to Old Harbour and Elder Tracy went to Spanish Town.

Hope everything is goin alright with you guys!

Elder Huffaker

Slow down on the questions mom, flights went fine, we made it through customs fine. The country is really different. people drive on the left and steering wheel on the right and when they're behind the wheel, they are really aggressive. Every morning we get to wake up and smell the ganja. j/k but it really is a third world out here.

Old Harbour is pretty much urban, its a small urban but yeah. We get a lot of street contacts. We got to progressing investigators. Kino, who's about a 25 yrs old male and Charm, 34 yr old female.

Our apartment is decent size, it's like living in the laundry room to the mudroom (square feet wise) There's four of us altogether, Elder Darling and Elder Jones are the other two. They just split Old Harbour into two areas. Elder Jones is a native, but i forget where he's from. I'm not sure of the size of the district, but I'll find out tomorrow at district meeting.

It's not so much hot and humid as hot or humid. either way though, you sweat. I'll keep you posted.

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