Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day Week

Whew, it's been quite the week down here. I dunno, how are you guys faring?

Well, first off, zone conference was last Wednesday here in Sav. It was nice having zone conference in the area where I'm serving. We got to listen to Elder Coleman of the Seventy give instructions as he is our unofficial, temporary mission president. We already know who are next mission president is. His name is President Hendricks from Lubbuck Texas. He previously served as the temple president down there, and he's a retired FBI agent. Talk about intense!

Then on Friday, we had an amazing experience in which I got to try some curry crab. Down here they don't give you a little mallet to beat the crab shell to crack it open. You use your teeth. WOW! that was quite the surprise to me. Needless to say, I wasn't used to it, so I was the last one done.

So, news to the family. I'm sure everyone remembers when we used to sing to Elvira by the Oakridge Boys. Well, I learned that that song was written for Elder Gantt's grandmother. She used to date the singer, I guess.

Check out the pics of Elder Gantt and I with our matching ties and sox.

Elder Huffaker

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