Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Getting to Be That Time Again

Well, this is the last week of this transfer. Transfer calls will either be today or tommorrow. I've been here in Sav for 4 transfers already and as such, am probably leaving. Elder McClean, who works in Negril, came back from Kingston on Saturday and said that 80% of the missionaries are moving around! Which means that many missionaries will be white washing their areas. That also means a high probability that Elder Gantt will be moving, too.

There's so many good people here in Sav, another transfer come and gone means I have that much less time left to help these people.


In other news:
Last week, we took a little vacation in Negril and got some sights in. First off, we went to the caves! These caves are really cool. Thankfully it wasn't high tide.

There also exists bats in these caves. Elder McClean and Elder Nelson were careless enough to wake one while we were down there.

Shortly there after, we went to the light house. We got a tour of the place and got to go up top and get a really cool view. We even saw the original lanterns used back in the day. I also found out that there's 100 gallons of water at the bottom in case there's an earthquake.

Next on our tour, we went to the world famous Rick's Cafe. Where we ate lunch and watched some divers. I wish I could upload the video of the divers.

We finished up playing frisbee on the beach.


Later this week, I had a new food dish. It's called ghetto steak. Here's the downside.... there's no steak. I had my hopes up, but I should've known better. It's really good though. It's curried chicken with some vegetables over white rice.

I'll let you know where I am next week!

Elder Huffaker

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