Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

What a WEEK!

This week, we've had our share of excitement and activities.

First off, Elder Jarman played a local board game called Ludi (lou - dee) with a few Jamaicans. Ludi is a game for up to four players. We've played it and thought we were pretty darn good. So we challenged a couple of Jamaicans to a game. They are friends of a member here. We made a deal. We win they come to church, they win, we give em a small pack of cookies. Let's just say the game didn't turn out in our favor. It was a very close game though.

Wednesday we had our second district meeting EVER this transfer. We played a game of Fly-up afterwards. It was pretty fun. I then went on a tradeoff with one of the Boulevard Elders, Elder Brough. Elder Ostberg stayed in Yallahs with Elder Jarman. I had a great time with Elder Brough. This included a reuniting with a very sorely missed "friend" (see pics). I couldn't believe it. Over 18 months and I finally got a taste of Dr. Pepper! I was so stoked that Elder Ostberg was so nice. Then I saw... their tower. Now I wonder if he really was being nice.

Yesterday, Sunday, I was sustained as the local branch clerk as well. Now I have a calling here, so I figured I must be staying for transfers, which are this week. It didn't surprise me too much, other than, I'm a missionary and we get moved around. However, I've been acting as the branch clerk since I arrived.

Then, we got our transfer calls last night. I will be staying in Yallahs, but not with Elder Jarman. I have been asked to train a new missionary, again. I couldn't believe it! Elder Jarman is being sent to Sav la Mar! I know he's gonna have a good time there. Elder Brough, who is in my district, is also training. That's 2 out of the 3 new missionaries coming.

From Marilyn: Apparently Brandon could not get his photos uploaded; we'll watch for them next week!

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