Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Transfer Week

I dont know how many of you have served missions. But when it comes to transfer week, it can be very exciting, except when you are not involved.

So, in case you missed the bulletin last week. Elder Snelson and I are still staying together in Yallahs. I did hear a rumor that I might move next transfer (great nothing like a last transfer move). So, on Wednesday, it was a full proselyting day. I kinda like the little missionary meeting breaks that we get on Wednesday mornings. So it throws me off if come transfer week nothing really happens.

In other news. Every companionship in our zone changed except for the Portmore Elders. SO, in my district is still Elder Toutai in Boulevard and Elder Brough as one of the ZL's. Elder Toutai is now with Elder Wilson and Elder Brough is now with Elder Kraus. Nothing like having a district that is younger than you.

Thursday, Elder Brough had me come down to Kingston for a tradeoff while Elder Kraus came up to Yallahs with Elder Snelson. I got loaded on sugar on this tradeoff. First we had dinner at a members house with doughnuts for desert. Then I got my second Christmas package, FINALLY. Dad's cookies were still good so more sugar there. Later we went to the Flakes for cheese crispers and lemon cake. Friday morning Elder Brough brought me a bowl of brownie slices and for lunch was banana cream pie. I think I've got a workout to do this week to get it all off. However, I got my package which means mincemeat pie!

Last week I mentioned a man we're teaching from California. I don't know how to say this, but it's kinda weird. Teaching a Caucasian person in Jamaica! He's doing fairly well and we've been able to see him pretty much every day since Thursday. It was hard for the initial contact after Saturday, but now he wants us there every day!

Take care this week

Elder Huffaker

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