Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, March 14, 2011

I Don't Have Them!

This week has been a different week for sure! A few things have happened but first, I must say that I have some of the pictures that go with last week. However, on another note, I forgot my camera so I don't have the pictures that go along with today's email.

First of all. Wednesday I went on a tradeoff with Elder Toutai. I stayed here in Yallahs while Elder Snelson went down to Boulevard. Elder Toutai and I had an enjoyable time together. He's one Tongan you just have to get along with. Not like he forces you to do anything, but hes just a lovable guy.

While on tradeoff with Elder Toutai, we hit a snag. I left the keys at the church from when we were there for district meeting. Well, I locked them in the church. SOooo now we have a slight problem. We can't get in so that we can teach Book of Mormon Night. Well, luckily we left the street gate unlocked, although we did put the lock on the gate. Then, we had a spare key for the veranda. Next we used a knife to open the latch that goes into the hallway. Well, then we hit another snag. We had no way to get into the office where all the supplies are and, not to mention, the keys. This was the real adventure that took us probably a half hour. We first tried using a bobbypin we found on the ground to pop the lock in the office... no dice. Then Elder Toutai found he could open the top of the veranda window however, the bottom part was locked. So now we have to somehow open the bottom. We tried using wire and a wooden stick but that didn't work. Then we found some rebar, bent it a little and after at least 15 minutes of using that we finally got the window unlocked, climbed through and grabbed the keys and supplies so we could have our study night.

Last thing I have to talk about in the email this week is that some people are desperate. Since Elder Snelson has acquired a new bicycle, we've had to go through the process of replacing crappy parts. Saturday, his bicycle was at the repair shop and we were on foot again... grrrrr. Anyways, so as we were walking to go see a member on clerk business, a guy stops us and asks us to do an HIV test. I had to laugh a little and said, "no thanks," he says, "come on it's free and this way you can know." I said, "I already know." He didn't seem to get the point! So to get him to stop following and nagging, I did the stupid little finger prick and now I have a little paper that says I'm HIV free. I don't know how many people can say that they did an HIV test while on their mission.

Law of Chastity is a beautiful thing! Makes you know that you're clean! Don't ever forget it.

Elder Huffaker

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