Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I'm sorry, what did you ... ?

This week, a lot of things happened, so you're gonna get a good email.

First! Wednesday after district meeting, we usually like to play a little 3 on 3 two-hand-touch. We only do this for about a half hour to an hour. Well, in our little skirmish this week, I had been in the unfortunate spot - under the tree branch with the wasp nests. So when the ball hits this branch, you can imagine that those little guys aren't too happy. Nope, not one bit! So, this is where the picture comes in. I received at least one bite at the edge of my eyebrow and the other behind my ear. Both on the left side. It stung so bad! So on the ride into Kingston to begin my tradeoff. One of the other missionaries in the car looks at me and says "dang Huffaker, that looks bad" My eyelid swelled up as did my ear. My ear was at least twice as thick. My eye wasn't as swollen as bad that day as it was the next morning. I dunno if you can tell a difference in the photo, but I sure felt it.

This leads to the tradeoff. I went on a tradeoff with Elder Brough - one of the zone leaders. I'm the district leader over them so that means I get to do all their baptism interviews that do not require the mission president. So I did my first baptism interview, ever! Sister Dakin was really quiet at first, but then she lightened up and was even laughing by the time I left. She was baptized Saturday.

Shortly after the interview, we met up with the Assistants for a dinner appointment. Talk about the nicest house you'll ever be in while on your mission. It's nicer than the mission home. We had an extravagant dinner. Cloth napkins and salad plates. WOW! The Langley's were very kind to us. Bro. Langley owns at least one gas station in Kingston and he's worked with Texaco for years.
After I got back, Elder Snelson began taking me around to new investigators that were found while I was gone. One that we didn't see til Saturday, Denny, is an interesting man. Elder Kraus and Elder Snelson answered 8 of his 9 questions. They left the last one to me. Well, needless to say, he didn't like the answer I gave him. I asked the question to other experienced persons and they agreed with my answer. So when he didn't agree, he went off on evolution. Evolution is correct, to an extent. I'm sorry on this but... WE ARE NOT RELATED TO DINOSAURS. He said that we are descendants all the way back from the dinosaurs. So I asked, "we are descended from dinosaurs?" - "yes" - "really? which one(s)" - "well, uh, not actual dinosaurs" - "but you just said" - "no, I mean there were mammals that we descended from. you know, the one percent of life that remained after the last meteor hit the earth."


Last thing for this week is Elder Snelson made some delicious cake mix cookies. All you do is make your cake mix like normal, but instead of pouring it all into a pan, you just take out cookie sizes and bake them! They were good and I recommend the chocolate flavor.

I didn't get all the pics I wanted this week, because other missionaries have them. I'll hopefully have the rest of this weeks pics for you next week.

Elder Huffaker

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