Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

First Transfer, Same Area!

Okay first off, the first picture on the list is an Idaho picture. Everyone in that picture is from somewhere in Idaho, and these are all missionaries in my Zone. Transfers just ended yesterday so we have new people in and some older people out.

Also, the other picture is of me eating a 4x4 at an In-and-Out. For those of you who don't know, that is 4 patties and 4 cheese. One of the members in the ward always take us to In-and-Out and if you haven't gone with them before, they make you order that. That is way too much cheeseburger for anyone.

Well the week has gone pretty good, although I have recently gotten a flat tire which I have yet to fix so I've just been pumping it up as necessary. Like I said, transfers just happened, we lost/gained 4 people. One from our district, one of our Zone Leaders, and two from the other district.

In the new training program we have, new missionaries stay with their trainers for at least two transfers, so for the next six weeks I will still be with Elder Morgan in the same area I'm in. Still on bike for another 6 weeks. That's okay though, since we bike all over the place (p.s. Brandon, we are in earthquake area so the sidewalks and streets are all broken up), we have a pretty big area, it's hot, and we carry around all our stuff in our backpacks, so they're heavy, I have already gone down a beltloop size, working on the next. Also, as a district we tried to put on a sort of game night for members, and their nonmember friends, but that was a big flop. It was fun, but not productive.

My companion just reminded me, one time when we went contacting, we ran into this guy who liked to talk and had some questions about our church. Well the conversation eventually got to politics, and a Jamaican sitting on a bench about 25-30 feet away overheard us and the guy we were talking to and the Jamaican went back and forth. The Jamaican was saying "stop spreading lies!" I'm not sure what exactly about, I think it was related to politics, and the guy we were with was saying "And you're a Jamaican, sitting homeless on a bench!" "I like your CART!" Also we started to talk to another guy who talked a little about the incident that was happening and said he threw in something to just kind of make them turn their heads. He said something like "Go Lakers" and was telling us, "why can't we just get along?".

So my week has been like that so far, still working hard, I can't believe I've already been out for a transfer! Hope everything is going well at home!
Elder Huffaker

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