Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hello from the great state of Claly-fornya

So this week was interesting. On Monday we went to an investigator teaching about tithing, and then he all of a sudden says that he prayed and talked to his mom, and came up with a baptism date! He has a slight mental handicap, and it took us by complete surprise!

Also for a funny thing, Elder Morgan and I were riding down the sidewalk and went down the slope on the edge of the street and was going to go up the other side, and realized that there's no slope! So he slammed on his brakes and skidded right up to the curb, and when I realized it, I slammed on my brakes, but didn't hit him. It was pretty funny though.

We did have a baptism, two kids got baptized. One was 9 almost 10 and the other was 8so only the one counted because the parents are members. They are a little less active so we will be working with them a little still, but it was great for them to come to the baptism!

So yesterday, we had a scheduled lunch with a member, and then a dinner with bishop. Lunch was at 3, and dinner was at 5. Woo! Lot's o' food! Needless to say, Elder Morgan and I were stuffed. Later that night we ran into a returned missionary on our street and he introduced us to one of his friends, and we had a lesson, and we left her with a Book of Mormon. It was a great unplanned experience, and we had the lesson with the guy we found and two other guys who were there, all were return missionaries.

The area here is really taking off, and we are starting to have appointments filling the days! Sounds like things are as busy as ever at home. That's really interesting that they got in a big car accident, sounds like the one Brandon, Nathan, and I were in, but Alys wasn't driving so that's good. Hopefully she will learn from the experience and always wear her seatbelt, That was the way I was after Brandon's accident! Always always always wear a seatbelt. (especially in California!) They don't call it California driving for nothing!

Also we went to Costco, and got stocked up, and besides eating with members, we have been eating pretty well. The other day we had chili cheese dogs and cornbread!

Elder Huffaker

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