Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Pop of a Different Flavor

Okay so there is very little in news I guess, but we did get some new people in our zone and one in our district. Apparently Elder Morgan came out with the new sister we got in our district. Nothing exciting for food experiences, but I haven't had the same meal or similarity in meals twice from members.

If you have forgotten, I am in a bike area, but there are rumors about us getting a car. That would be pretty cool, but they're only rumors, and I'd be fine if we stayed on bike. I've done it one transfer, I can do it another.

Another note of news is that we found a couple part member families, one where a 17 year old is the member and another where a 22 year old is the member, but neither are the parents. We are meeting with the latter today, it is a family of 9 and one is under 8 so if we can teach all of them, it would be 6 new investigators, and if we taught the other family it would be 2 or 3 new investigators, so that's also exciting.

Also, one of our investigators is scheduled to get baptized next Sunday (the 16th) and has asked that I baptize him. Not sure entirely why, but that's fine by me. It would also be my first baptism on my mission. He is 13, but is about my height and he says he's a 38 waist. He plays football, so he's a big kid. He's still got a few lessons though, and so we have 2 more scheduled appointments this week and probably another one on Saturday, and might get interviewed then too. If that happens, then I'll definitely get you pictures!

Unfortunately I don't have really any pictures this time, nothing going on except the usual, but I will try harder to look for opportunities to get pictures. I do have a couple of the most awesome soda machine I've ever seen though. You can get a bunch of different shots of flavors added to the usual soda. Like there was a peach Fanta, I had a vanilla Sprite, there was a raspberry Coke and just a bunch of other stuff, and it was all on a touch screen.

Thanks for the pictures you sent to me, you should definitely send one of other parts of the breeze way. I love pictures printed out because I can hang them up. So send me more please! And also, if Grandma and Grandpa want to send me stuff too that would be awesome!

Elder Huffaker

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