Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Baptism. Times 3!

This week, my companion and I have been working on getting referrals from the members. So far it has been working well. We have been mainly stopping by less actives though, but that is still good missionary work.

We also have been talking with our mission apartment people about getting lighting in our apartment. Well we finally did and it is so much better. However, now we can see all the other things wrong with the place! That's okay, we are trying to get other things taken care of as well.

In big news, there was an investigator I was teaching in my last area who just got baptized yesterday. Her brother and cousin also got baptized. They were coming to Wednesday basketball at the church and that was a really good fellowshipper thing for them. I sent the picture home, so look for it on the blog. It was really cool.

--*Elder Huffaker*
This sure looks like K.C. Clyde -- Cameron and his companion had been teaching his girlfriend. You might recognize him as starring in "The Best Two Years".
Cameron wrote about these photos in another email:
The one is the baptism we went to on Sunday of 3 kids that I was teaching. Well, Elder Morgan and I started to teach the 15-year-old girl, and then Elder Mortensen and I continued. Her brother and cousin were around a bunch and they would come and play basketball on Wednesdays.

The other is a picture of the girl that was baptized on the 8th of January and I couldn't make it. They were at the baptism and so I got in a picture with them.

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