Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Are you ready for this?

October 22, 2012

Well, are you ready for this? Yes, transfers happened. I have been transferred to be in the Solemint ward, with Elder Wright.

Now, lets examine what that entails: for starters, we are not told who it is we will be with, and where it is we are going. Therefore, I had no idea, and spent a bunch of time getting all my stuff packed up. So, day of transfers comes, and we get to the meeting and our president tells us who we will be with. Well, President goes to say who I'll be with, looks at us and says "Well you're already sitting with your new companion."

Now to put some of the pieces together for you. I was in Mint Canyon. The Mint Canyon and the Solemint Elders live TOGETHER! Therefore, I spent a bunch of time getting all my stuff together, and then loaded it all up in a car and traveled to the building where we were doing the transfer meeting. Got there, unloaded everything, got through the meeting, and then loaded everything back up in the same car, and went back to the same apartment, and just put it in a different room.

I measured the distance I had to move my stuff when all was said and done. It was 26 feet from the one room to the other. All that effort to move 26 FEET! Also, both Mint Canyon and Solemint wards meet in the same building. That means I'll still see most everyone that I was around last transfer.

On another note, Elder Wright just got done being trained, so he's out a little more than 3 months. His trainer went home on Wednesday, but we had to be with him since Tuesday morning. So we saw some of the members in his ward, and we jokingly said, wouldn't it be funny if I went to be with Elder Wright? Well what do you know, that's exactly what happened. It was quite an experience.

So Elder Wright is from Utah, go figure, specifically Coalville. We also didn't have to go through the whole get-to-know-you-thing, because I lived with him for a transfer, so all that was all out of the way. He's definitely a hard worker, and loves to work out as well. It will be a great transfer. As for my former companion, I will still be around him as we still live together. He is, in fact, training. His trainee is Elder Wells, from Westfield, Indiana.

Well, the work in this area is also a bit slow, but Elder Wright and I are going to fix that! Hope all is well at home.

-- Elder Huffaker

Here is Hank. He is our investigator who dwells on Elder Wright's desk. He lovingly listens as we practice teaching him the lessons. And then a shot of the sunset

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