Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Well, as most of you know I'm in a new area. I've also got a new companion. Elder Hicken is his name and Old Harbour is where he came. He was there for my last transfer in Old Harbour and now I'm serving with him. He doesn't have much time left, he has this transfer and the next and then he's homeward bound. Also, to let you all know, I'll be using a new email account shortly. I set it up today and am not sure how soon I will be using it.

As for things to tell you about: I missed this one last week where we had a member of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir visit in Falmouth. It was really cool. She and her husband were visiting. She sits in the front row of the choir. I forget her name.

Then since I'm in Sav, things are really crazy. Sav is the biggest city/town I've been in so far and I've gotten lost plenty of times and have had to call other missionaries to get where I'm going.

Then, Elder Goins, who was my original companion in Sav, got ET'd so now I got really lost. Elder Hicken is the one who replaced him. So we're learning Sav together.

Then yesterday, was the marrying of a couple we're teaching. Bro. and Sis. Hall are the newest married couple in all of Jamaica! So, we're hoping they keep progressing and moving forward.

As far as for more info on Sav. It has one of the best shopping centers on the island. A supermarket chain called Shoppers Fair! THEY HAVE A LOT! Plus, I now have a washing machine. I'm so happy and I don't have to pay anyone to wash for me. I also need to get a haircut.

We had zone conference in Mandeville on Friday and Pres. Graff made me stand up and show what a missionary's head is not supposed to look like. So I'm getting a haircut today.

Give me some feedback yaear!
Elder Huffaker

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