Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, February 1, 2010

The Next Transfer

PICTURES!!! First is the baptism of Perez Gibbs. It has his daughter and our branch president in the second pic.

Then, I caught the last rasta supper in some rasta's shop and thought it was kinda humorous and had to get a picture.

GOLDFISH the smile that snacks back. (that's for Elliot)

Lastly, me with my new comp. Elder Rebeiro enjoying sodas and chips ahoy during a dinner break.

Well, a lot has happened. Of course there were the transfers. Elder Vea went home and I spent the night in Ochi on Tuesday and got to proselyte with one of my favorite missionaries - Elder Ronhaar. Then, I got picked up from Ochi to return to Falmouth. We now have a vehicle in Falmouth, which makes it so much better. Elder Rebeiro is the reason we have a vehicle, it's because he's a zone leader. Falmouth is to be a zone leading area. Basically, I show him around the place and I get replaced next transfer by the other zoneleader.

Last Monday, after emailing, I spent the rest of my p-day with Elder Vea's parents. They drove us around and I got to see some new parts of the island. Then they took us out to Pizza Hut in Mobay. That was quite the treat. It was really cool meeting them and definitely had a good time.

Lastly, I've been putting up with a lot of crap, and this time it's not from the people. It's my bicycle. I know you have to be smarter than the bicycle, but when the bicyle is extremely dumb, it can't be beat. One thing after another just seems to happen. Everything I do for it just seems to say, let's see how long I can last.

Well, take your time and enjoy life this week.

Elder Huffaker
P.S. from Marilyn: "Ochi" is Brandon's shorthand for Ocho Rios, which lies east of Falmouth, also on the north shore of Jamaica. "Mobay", as you know if you've been following this blog, is Montego Bay.

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