Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, February 1, 2010

E.V. Go Home

Well, that's kinda what's the big deal this week, Elder Vea going home. Yesterday, I got to meet his unofficial adoptive parents. They came and attended church here. So, the past week, that's pretty much what the hubbub has been all about, not to mention who will be my new companion.

Last week, we also had Pres. Graff come out and interview us. While he was here, he inspected the church and told us to make a service project out of it on Saturday. So Saturday night, that's what Elder Vea and I, along with 4 members did. The ceiling in the church was starting to fall down, so we helped it along it's way.

Last week, we also had a great lesson with a former investigator (Perez Gibbs) in which he decided that this week he wants to be baptized. So this Saturday should be his baptism, providing he passes the interview.

Another couple (not married) that we're teaching is really awesome. The guy is a DJ. So he has this sweet sound system. It has like 4 control boards, a bunch of other modifier boxes and what nots. He has 4 CD players and then 6 speakers. I mean he is decked out! His name is Chris and he's a pretty good guy. Wants to learn, so hopefully everything is going well with him.

Well, for the rest of my p-day today, I'll be going around with Elder Vea's "parents". We can't leave our area, but we can show them around and do a few things with them.

Next week will be pretty interesting to see what happens. Not to mention I got a cool picture to send. I'd send it today, but I forgot my camera.

Elder Huffaker

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