Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, March 15, 2010

Another Transfer Come and Gone

Well, as a missionary, you always try to find the simple joys in life that you don't get to experience so much as you used to. Sooooooo, one thing I did was go shopping for food. And as everyone knows, food companies these days are doing their best to sell entertainment with their food. Well, Kraft Mac n Cheese did a wonderful job. (see the picture)

So as I said in the subject, it was transfers. Of course, I'm still in Sav and Elder Hicken as well. I'm killing another missionary. This makes 4 out of 6 companions that I've "sent home". I found out that one of my favorite missionaries was sent to Turks and Caicos - (sob) Elder Talbert's gone... However, on a positive note..... The amazing and wonderful, former MTC companion, ELDER TRACY is my new zone leader. YYEEEAAHHHH!!!!!!!

This week was also a new experience in that, the phone company that we go through, Digicel, are idiots. The mission was supposed to be having a feature removed from the phones, however, in the process with Digicel, some of the phones were completely shut off. Including our phone. So for two days we could not make or receive phone calls. Talk about a pain in the butt. We couldn't confirm appointments, call members to come teach with us, etc. So we had to beg phone calls from people to call our zone leaders and let them know that we're ok.

This week, I also learned something amazing. There is a law on underwear! I'm sure many of you are familiar with the "new style" of letting your pants ride low and showing your boxers to the rest of the world. Well, there is a law down here that if the police see your underwear, they will throw you in jail. When I heard this I thought, WOW! We need that back home.

Lastly, things have been kinda difficult with Elder Hicken, he doesn't like to speak much. Pres. Graff told me on the phone that I'm to make him talk. Which is kinda weird, because whenever I make him talk, he usually repsonds with a question. So, I've had to go through some grrrrr ing times. But things are going okay for now.

Well, I hope you all have a good week. Do some missionary work!

Elder Huffaker

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