Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Barber of Savanna la Mar

So, this week has been very interesting. First off, the Zone Leaders came after District Meeting on Wednesday. They heard that I had a set of trimmers and decided to get haircuts. Both Elder Talbert and Elder Tonks got a trim with the shears and the scissors. If you want to see, take a look at the blog - I'm short on time. Along with the zone leaders in our area, I got to go around proselyting with Elder Talbert -- YEAH!

Elder Hicken and I have been doing a lot of riding on our bicycles. We ride to places that are 11 KM away. It's kinda a pain in the butt, but it has to be done and there's no one else to do it.

Then, while the Zone Leaders were here, there was one crazy storm that blew in. We had to shut all the windows in the house so it wouldn't get wet inside. It was in the middle of the night too. There was so much rain it was hard to hear anything. Not to mention the lighting outside and all the thunder too. That was quite the night.

Next, I got cocky this week. I had my bicycle go out from underneath me. I was riding without hands, like I like to do, and was no more than half a mile from home. I've taken this turn without hands many a times. However, I wanted to see how tight I could take the turn. Then my bicycle went out. Put a nice hole in the knee of my pants and got some battle wounds, but otherwise I'm ok. Had to fix a few things that got screwed up.

Lastly for this week. One of our investigators - Brother Hall - who is getting baptized on Saturday! Well, he had this crazy thing pop into his head. He started going off on how Joseph Smith had to have been a black man. Now, lots of people claim Jesus is a black man down here, but never before have I had anyone say that Joseph Smith is a black man. It took us a couple of days to correct that one, but he's still just as good.

I sent my mom some photos for the blog, so go and check em out!

Elder Huffaker
P.S. from Marilyn: The first photo is the house in Savanna la Mar, the second is of a sunset there, and the last is our barber with the zone leaders: L to R is Elder Talbert, Elder Huffaker and Elder Tonks.

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