Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another Rough Week

Well, this week has been just as rough as the last if not more. A lot of things happened.

First off, in coordination with the photo, missionaries are not completely immune to damage. Sometimes I like to think I have super human powers that make me impervious to pain and whatnot; I got a very rude awakening last week on Monday. I've realized that pot holes are a tool of the devil to stop missionaries. So, once again, I had to go to the bicycle repair shop and have my front rim realigned. I also had a few battle wounds to take care of as well.

Nextly, this week has been unlucky with people we've met as well. We've met so many people that just get their undies in a bunch about the 7th day being the Sabbath. Boy, I never thought that people would be so gullible.
  1. It says 6 days shalt thou labor and do all thy work. The seventh day is the Lord's day. Where does it say that the seventh day is Saturday?

  2. Jesus Christ explicitly says that Man was not made for the Sabbath. It's the other way around. We do not get to decide.

  3. If you do believe that the seventh day is Saturday... Nowhere from the book of Acts through Revelation in the Bible does it say they worshipped on the seventh day, rather it says they worshipped on the first.

  4. If you understand that the Creation is the reason that the Sabbath is the seventh day, then you'd also understand that the Atonement is what fixed the Fall after the Creation. Without the Atonement, there would be no point to creating this world to live in if we could never be saved from the effects of the Fall. Hence why the Sabbath is now the first day, because the Atonement was completed on the first day.

Everyone good? GOOD!

Well the Zone Leaders came this week on Thursday. So I spent this trade off with Elder Tonks. He and I proselyted on bicycles on Thursday and on Friday, I got to take it easy in a vehicle. I reminded Elder Tonks that I'm on my 4th out of 6 companions to send home. He then asked if I would mind killing him. I told him I wouldn't mind as long as long as he's the last one I send home. NO MORE MISSIONARIES ARE ALLOWED TO GO HOME!

Then, I found something quite amazing at the supermarket. I found mashed potatoes! I was so excited. I thought I was gonna cook up a storm. However, when I reached home, I realized I only had one other thing..... onions. So..... last week I made mashed potatoes and onions for some of my dinners. I also made scrambled eggs and onions and rice and onions. Note to self, buy something other than onions to go with mashed potatoes.

Hope you all have a good week and big up yourself

Elder Huffaker

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  1. Elder H. Excellent commentary on the 7th -vs- 1st day as the Sabbath. Most folks don't get it ... Love the pic too ... yer mom oughta blow it up to poster size ... knarly dude !! total wipe-out ;-P