Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Thursday, April 22, 2010


Hello and how ya doin'?

Today I don't have much to share although there are some major changes:

First up, I'm currently in Mandeville. Now, it's not yet transfer week, but I had to come. Elder Hicken and I received a phone call last Monday at 4:30 in which we learned that Elder Hicken's visa expires a week early and there is no way to prolong it. So on Wednesday, We got picked up by the zone leaders and were brought to Santa Cruz. There, the assistants picked us up and brought me to Mandeville to stay with Elders Wilson and Allen. So here I am in Mandeville doing missionary work for a week (Wednesday to Wednesday) until I get another missionary to be with me in Sav.

Mandeville is a very hilly city. In fact, I've already worn down my brake pads for my bicycle and will have to purchase a couple of pairs. Another nice fact about Mandeville is this is where the church started in Jamaica and has spread out from here. In the meantime, while I've been gone from Sav, Brother and Sister Hall were confirmed.

I know everyone likes pictures, so I'm sending a few. The first three are of a strip of road between Sav and Santa Cruz called Bamboo Avenue. Hence the bamboo on either side. In the second picture, there's a car driving backwards in the other lane of the road (I'm not sure how it got in the picture, let alone why the car was going backwards). The next two are of Elder Wilson and Elder Allen (Elder Allen is the Jamaican). Lastly, Elder Wilson thought he was being funny and snapped one of me.

Now guys, I've told you, I need to know what you want me to talk about, ask questions and send requests of things you want me to talk about.

Elder Huffaker

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