Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I'm Back -- in Sav

Dear Everyone!

I'm back in Sav! I finished up my week in Mandeville with Elder Wilson and Elder Allen and got a few last minute pictures on their couch.

Transfer day, last Wednesday, was hectic. We sat around all morning waiting to find out what was going on. We finally met up with Elder Keele (the new zone leader for the Mandeville zone) at about 2:00. We packed his stuff and Elder Allen's stuff in a car and drove to Santa Cruz. dropped off all the bags, and Elder Allen, picked up Elder Tracy, drove back to Mandeville, picked up Elder Gantt's luggage, and my one bag that I brought to Mandeville and headed for Sav at about 5:00. Elder Tracy then had an idea to stop for dinner somewhere. So we stopped in a town called White House and had cook shop food (which usually consists of a meat, rice and peas and steamed vegetables) on the beach. While we waited for our food to cook, we got some pictures on the beach as well as a Jamaican sunset.

By the way, if none of you could tell, Elder Gantt is my new companion. He's from Lehi, Utah. He's really cool and we've had a bunch of laughs already. I also finally got a picture of the welcome to Sav sign. Oh, Elder Gantt has already had one transfer in Sav. He was here when I was on my last transfer in Old Harbour. So, he's back for round 2.

Next, there is the infamous Donkey Cart. the Donkey Cart travels around in Sav. you will also see many other donkey carts throughout the island. Donkey Carts usually have one or two donkeys pulling a make-shift cart. This one actually had three. As missionaries, we never tell lies, but we do tell jokes. One of the jokes we tell is that when a missionary goes on a tradeoff, we say that "he got licked down by a donkey cart and had to go to the hospital" It's mildly humorous to see the facial expressions of Jamiacans when you tell them this.

Yesterday was branch conference here in Sav and both Pres. and Sis. Graff spoke. Along with them came the amazing Elder Sizemore. He returned from Bahamas and became the new Assistant to the President.

Afterwards, Elder Gantt made me go and speak to Sister Graff about my health, which has been a little low. I currently have a runny nose and wonderful fits of sneezing. I don't have a fever, but my skin is cold and clammy. Everything feels hotter to me too. I don't know why, but Sister Graff sent us home. I was supposed to get rest. Well, I just can't sit still. So, Elder Gantt and I took a broken fan and decided to disassemble it and see if we could fix it. We couldn't find the problem, so we just demolished it some more.

That's the great news for this week. HAVE FUN EVERYONE

Elder Huffaker

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