Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Missionary's Life

Hello everyone and welcome to todays new email from Elder Huffaker and what's happening in the wild wild world of Jamaica. Today we're going to zoom in on a missionary's life.

First off, missionaries go on tradeoffs at least once a transfer with their district leader. This missionary is going on a tradeoff with Elder Figueroa. Sometimes missionaries do crazy things on these tradeoffs. They like to make extra big dinners and make desserts. Watch out though, sometimes it'll give you the runny-belly.

Following a missionary's tradeoff, there may be times when there is a zone conference the very next day. So then the missionary has to wait for his companion and his tradeoffs companion to meet them before they can leave. The night before they will play a game called, "Settlers of Zarahemla" and polish shoes and iron shirts.

Then, when they get back, they have to prepare for a baptism the next night. A wonderful man named Joshua Vanriel got baptized (picture pending). Brother Vanriel trains boxers for a living and also makes castor oil.

Castor oil has a very unique smell. I dunno if I can even describe it. There is a song that goes, "that's the only decent kind of medicine, the man who made it must have been an Edison. It's a lick on a spoon guaranteed to make you swoon." Boy if that ain't the truth. Castor oil takes a very tedious process to make. You make it from very small seeds that go through about five steps before you can even get one drop of oil from one seed.

Prior to Brother Vanriel's baptism, missionaries can be prone to make mistakes. Sometimes they will lock themselves out of their house. Then they have to break into a house that has been designed so that people will not break in. Amazingly, the missionary's companion could fit through the grill, grab the keys and save the day.

Lastly, missionaries love packages, even more than they love the mail. When a missionary receives a package, customs has usually gone through it and made a mess. Hopefully they didn't eat anything. Then the missionary throws it into the freezer so he can eat chocolate that isn't melted. Usually the package will be half gone in 3 days, if that.

That's all for today's look in on a missionary's life.

Elder Huffaker

P.S. I had to travel to Negril today because the internet went down in all of Sav. Talk about a pain in the butt just to go and email.

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