Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Another Transfer Gone By .... 10 out of 17

I hope everyone had a good week..... GOOD!

Wellllllll this last week was transfers. Don't worry though, I'm not in Kingston. I'm still in Sav with the amazing, the wonderful, the stupendous ELDER GANTT.

Along with that, since we weren't sure if any of us were leaving, we were invited over for dinner at one of our favorite member's homes for dinner. While there, Elder Gantt found the wig. (see pictures)

Wigs are somewhat popular down here. It's one of threee styles that female Jamaicans will do with their hair, becuase down here, you can't just let your hair hang low. 1st style - the plait, basically their word for braiding, this includes cane rows (we call it corn rows back home). 2nd style - the cream, basically applying gel or mousse to the hair, this is how they get the straight hair look. 3rd style - the wig, when you just find the hairstyle you love, but you don't want it permanently, you get a wig. So Elder Gantt wanted a change of hair style for a few minutes.

While we were there, the little 2 year old, named Devaughney, a.k.a. "Vaughny" found our bicycle helmets. He didn't know how to wear it, but he likes the sideways look. We tried to put it on correctly, but he would change it back to this look.

Next, we made a cake on Friday, just for fun. We bought cake mix and frosting at the store. It was all rainbow chip. I thought this would be the coolest thing since the ice age. NOT REALLY! the cake turned out fine, but it didn't agree with our stomachs at all. Our mouths and minds were saying, "Wow, this is delicious!" our stomachs were saying, "Oh no it's not... GET OUT!"

This morning, Elder Gantt and I decided to set up an exercise program rather than just doing whatever. So we jogged, did pushups, pull ups (YES I ACTUALLY DID SOME FOR ONCE IN MY LIFE), and sit ups. By the time I got in the shower I wasn't sure if I should puke or get on with the day. Thankfully everything stayed down.

Have a nice day, somewhere else

Elder Huffaker

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