Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What's Going Down in Town

Ok, to kinda brief you about what's going on in the island of Jamaica:

First off, town (see subject) usually refers to Kingston. So if someone says they're from town or if they're going to town, 90% of the time they are refering to Kingston.

Kingston has been a place where a lot of action is happening. Whatever I've picked up and am mentioning, it's all what I hear from people around me or what I catch on the news as we ride/walk by.

So in Kingston, the United States government is asking the Jamaican government to extradite a man named Dudus (doo doos - like what the dog does in the yard). Mr. "Dudus" is a drug kartel. However, he's paid off many politicians (including the Prime Minister) and in return, the political party in power is helping to hide him.

He pretty much runs a scheme in Kingston called Tivoli Gardens. It's here in Tivoli where most of the news is coming from. Many of the residents want to protect Dudus as well. So..... barricades have been thrown up, guns have been handed out - as large as .50 caliber -, and bombs have been placed. In return, the Jamaican government has sent in the police and the Jamaican Defence Force (JDF = military).

Many people have been killed and buildings (including a police station) have been burned and/or destroyed. The police and the JDF are doing searches of homes and persons.

This action and man hunt has reached Spanish Town and even the outskirts of Maypen. (please note that all in all, there are usually 14 missionaries in these areas).

In the meantime, Prime Minister Bruce Golding has publicly apologized. The United States and the oposing political party are asking for his resignation. However, he won't do it.

I don't know what is happening with the missionaries there, but everything is fine here in Sav.


In other news:

The new Mission President, Pres. Hendricks arrived in Jamaica safely.

Also, Elder Gantt and I received a surprise visit from our zone leaders on Saturday morning with a new telephone (because ours wasn't working) and later on received a phone call from Pres. Hendricks himself. He was stopping in Sav at the church for some reason and needed directions. When he finished he called us again and wanted to meet us. So.... I met Pres. Hendricks before half of the missionaries here in Jamaica have. He seems like a really amazing person. He's very tall and still has color in his hair.


First up: some pictures Elder Gantt took when we arrived home during the rain.

The scenic pictures were taken on the road to Grange Hill and as I was looking at the scene I was asking myself "Am I in Jamacia or Vietnam?"

How much line does it take to hold one wet missionary's clothes?

Elder Figueroa's last district meeting. We all wore our Clarks.


Elder Huffaker

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