Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Area, Van Nuys

All right, here's my (I guess) long e-mail back to you. First off, going to do e-mails was kind of dropped on me; didn't know we were coming to do that, so I forgot my reader to send pictures (sooo sorry). I have a ton though, so I would probably send multiple e-mails in order to get them all sent.

So about getting sick, I actually had a cold recently, that I got in the MTC, I don't know if I told you that yet or not. I actually knew that dad was looking to get something like a tablet, I just didn't know if he was actually going to do it or not. That's pretty cool that he got one though.

That's cool that you finally opened your Mothers Day present, took you long enough, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. Glad Darcie got to go to the temple. My mission just had a recent temple trip, and we go about 3 times a year, so we won't be going anytime soon. But the temple we would go to is the LA temple.

Okay, so we had 15 missionaries flying with us, and we went to the Burbank airport from Salt Lake. (I actually saw the flight that was heading for Lewiston on their reader board thing, but I didn't try to get on it. (like I would, LOL). My trainer is Elder Morgan, we get along pretty well, we are serving in Van Nuys (pronounced like very nice, with an accent, I'm not sure which accent) and we are a.............................................. bike area! I'm told this is the biggest bike area and we arrived during the hottest time of the year. Woohoo! Elder Morgan is from Show Low, Arizona, northeastern mountains.

We live with the Andersons, in a sort of guest house out behind their house. It's pretty big, bigger than I thought I'd ever have out here. Anyway, we borrowed a bike from them and while riding it, it pretty much fell apart. The tires don't hold air very well, the brakes are awful, the pedals are somewhat broke, the frame is literally starting to fall apart, it was hitting the back wheel, the shifters don't work well, the seat pad fell of so we had to tape it back on, and it was a city bike so there were no shocks, which you think wouldn't be a big deal, but with the earthquakes (which we do get, but I haven't been in one yet) the sidewalks fall apart and are very rough, which is not fun on a city bike. Oh well, anything to get around and do the work is fine, especially since we just got a bike from one of the members who never use their bikes. It's a really nice 21-speed mountain bike with a bigger seat on it. Can't wait to try it out.

I also had to get a library card so I could use the computer here at the library for an hour. Next week though, the library will be closed because of the national holiday so we will just go to the church.

So, we are getting fed really well, the members here are awesome. We have a calendar specifically for the ward to sign up to have us over for dinner, and we are almost booked through September, there's like 2 or 3 days that are open, and some of the members say, "If you don't get anyone for that date, just come over and we'll feed you." So there's no worries about going hungry here.

Also, for the most part, when we are not in a discussion or eating, the rest of the time is usually spent getting from place to place. I haven't done street contacting or door knocking since I've been here (except for knocking on doors of previous investigators).

So tell me, how is Dad doing at Welenco? Is he getting plenty of business? Is Brandon helping him a lot? How are things at home? Please ask any questions, I will try to have photos next week, and ask questions I forgot to answer too.

Elder Huffaker

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