Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello, MTC!

On Wednesday, August 3rd, Cameron entered the Missionary Training Center in Provo, Utah! The MTC has changed their missionary check-in method since the last time we were there, so our family experience was a bit different this time.

Unlike previously, when the families went in with their missionaries and had a short meeting, now the new missionaries are dropped off at the curb. There were missionaries helping to direct traffic, and along the curb there were about 30 stations, each with a host missionary there waiting to greet the new arrivals, guide them where they needed to go, and help them with their luggage. We had all the family (except Brandon, who had to work) to say goodbye to Cameron. We had spent the previous week in Salt Lake while the girls were at a BYU camp. During that time, Cameron helped in providing some service to his aunt, and we also made a trip to the Salt Lake Temple and Temple Square. It was a good transition from civilian life.

With the length of our trip, by the time we went to the MTC, Cameron was pretty anxious to get going and truly start on his life as a missionary. Cameron does not need to learn a language, so he will only be there for about 3 weeks before leaving for southern California. He will leave the MTC about August 24th. The other interesting thing is there are two other missionaries from our valley that are serving in the same mission, and Cameron’s best friend is serving in neighboring Riverside! Please see the sidebar for his mailing address. These are a few pictures from our day - enjoy!
Final family picture -- except we're missing Brandon with us! Then it would have been complete.
Cameron & his sisters - life is nothing if not interesting!
Cameron and Emma. We think she'll have an easier time remembering Cameron than she did with Brandon.
At the MTC, curbside, we said our final goodbyes. Here's father and son:
And a posed picture with the mom:
Nothing was going to slow him down: Cameron was READY to go:
Good luck to our missionary!!

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