Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More of MTC Life

So I'll try to send pictures later, I forgot my camera and card reader. Doing laundry again, this is my last full week in the MTC. Feels like I just barely got here and now they're about to send us out.

We are singing, “Come Thou Fount of Every Blessing” in Sacrament Meeting this Sunday; the sisters volunteered us.... oh well. Elders Irvine, Kruger, Rasmussen, and myself have the bass part, Elder Beasley had the tenor part, and the other elders are just going to sing the melody. Elder Tollworthy, Gallup and Stevenson..... two of them are TONE DEAF. Doesn't help when we are singing separate parts.

Nothin’ much to report other than I just tried the SD card USB reader, and the MTC computers are incapable of reading it. Probably some security thing. Oh well, ask me questions.

Still don't have a scripture or quote or anything, almost never have time for myself. Oh well again, that's the way it is.

[After my return email with questions for him, came his answers in this follow up email:]

Okay, so Elder Kruger is from Red Deer, Alberta Canada. MTC food sucks, and yes, he is also going to San Fernando. We have two 4-hour classes every day except for p-day and Sunday. We went to the Provo Temple, which is round, and we are going today. I have 30 minutes for e-mail. No general authorities have spoken, and it [speakers] is in the gym. I do get to help with hosting [the new, incoming MTC missionaries] tomorrow.

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