Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Another Week

Well, this week was a fun week, full of um, exciting, news. To start off, this week was a somewhat usual week, what with knocking on doors, and other usual stuff. One of the tasks we decided to take on this week was meeting with an investigator that hasn't been met with for over 3 weeks. Well, first off we had to start by finding the house where she lived. We were knocking just before that and so we decided to just walk there. Bad idea. We missed the turn and went in a few circles, but ended up getting somewhat lost, and then finding our way to a members house where we thought they could help us out.

Turns out they weren't there, and so we decided to call our district leader, to get us out of there. Well, they were busy and we had to call our zone leaders who just happened to have just enough time to come get us. They apparently had enough time to take us to where the house was, so we found out where it was. Also it is up a big hill. Go figure, when you're in an area with hills.

So the next day we were able to make it up there and she wasn't there. Convenient right? Well just as we were about to leave, she pulls up. Whew! We taught an on the spot lesson, and helped with some service. Then the next day we helped with some more. She was really grateful for our help. Brownie points for getting her to trust us!

So as we rode home, I ended up doing a really cool "trick" and scraped up my arm a bit. The major thing was that we were going down the hill at about 35 mph. So it was more bruising than scraping. Fun experience, right?

Other than that, we've been trying to meet with one of our other investigators who happens to live in the same apartment complex as us, but has been having some problems with the bank so we haven't been able to meet with her yet either. We are still working hard to find people to teach, and the work goes on.

Okay so this e-mail includes the pictures of when I went to go do laundry. The dryer was crappy, and I was doing a larger load so....... none of the things in there were dry. It took some effort finding where to put everything, but it all dried okay after that.

(drying sheets)

... and towels....

... creative jean hanging...

... and shirts and socks. That's one way to use a bunkbed ladder!

I am sending pictures of the new bike I got. It came with a water bottle holder and a speedometer thing. It also has something called a shock lock on it, which locks the shocks (duh), making it like a street bike. This way when I pedal, I'm not pushing into the shocks, so all my effort is actually going to the tires, instead of shocks.

This area I'm in has a bunch of hills, so going down fast happens a lot. Well one time we were rounding a corner going at about 35, and I didn't slow down fast enough and hit the curb resulting in what you see in the pictures. I'm fine, so don't worry, but needless to say it wasn't fun.

--Elder Huffaker

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