Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year

Hello everybody and Happy New Year! So if you didn't know, I am in Canyon Country, California! I am with my new companion, Elder Greenwood. He is Spanish speaking, and has been out about a year longer than me.

I am in another bike area and had to purchase a bike. The people gave me a great deal on it and it's a pretty decent bike. This area is a little slow on work right now, but we are going to be getting it back up. My companion's last companion didn't do much work; well, we are going to change that!

We are visiting a recently converted family a lot, they feed us and whatnot. We currently have one investigator. And because it is 2012, I see much more work in the future, the only problem is that who is going to be sincere and who isn't. Probably going to be the biggest challenge this year.

--Elder Huffaker

(This photo is what happens when hot wings + crazy eyes = best imitation of the Joker from Batman.)

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