Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Monday, January 30, 2012

Yet Another Week Already Gone By!

Elder Huffaker's Letter from January 23, 2012

Well there goes another one! So this week was quite the week.
First off, our area book, the thing that has all the information for the area, go figure, is old and needs to be brought up to date. So we have been doing a bunch of work on that. As for the work this week, it seemed to go slow, until Thursday. Well, on Thursday, we went and did service with one of our investigators, and she thought it would take a while, but she didn't know she had two hard working young men! *grin* Well we finished faster than she expected so we were able to get in a lesson as well. She started opening up to us, so all that service and hard work for her is starting to pay off.
Next off, we went back to our apartment to shower and change, so we ended up being late to our next appointment. However, our investigator here was a little late getting back to her place so it just happened to work out. Funny how that just HAPPENS to work out right? Next we went to our dinner with the bishop. Well, when we were done, he called on the mother of the family that was also there because her husband was out of town, to pray, and she said she really didn't know how. Well, lucky for her there were two missionaries there who were trained just for this! So we taught her about that, and had a spiritual thought. Then we went and visited a family that we hadn't visited since before I got in this area. One was a member and one wasn't, which is one of the best missionary situations we can hope for when teaching. Well, we taught there and then got a ride back home.

So if you've been keeping track, this is all one day, and that was 4 lessons. We were pretty excited about that because that doesn't happen too often anyway, and for an area like what we are in, it's pretty amazing.
That was one of the biggest highlights of the week, but it doesn't stop there! For in between stuff, like I said we worked on the area book, and did the usual stuff. But as this last weekend was Stake Conference, and we invited 2 of our investigators to it, and neither of them showed up. So what we did was we went to their homes to see how they were doing and because they didn't show up. Well they were both very happy to see us and that we were looking out for them. Then one of the investigators called a fellowshipper and told them that we were great missionaries. So then he called us telling us about it and that we must be doing something right because she called just to tell him that.

So all in all, it has been a great week and we are really building this area.
Elder Huffaker

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