Elder Huffaker

Elder Huffaker

Sunday, January 6, 2013

December 31, 2012

Well, this week was rather interesting. It was cool to talk to all who I was able to.

Well, when counting our numbers this week, even though it is Christmas week, we had more lessons this week than any other week! I believe that most of them were lessons with less active members, but still, turns out we did a lot of work this week with lessons (not that we don't do work other weeks, this week just seemed a little more productive).

We had been getting the response from people to "come back after the holidays", and now we are getting "come back after New Years". With all the responses we are getting like this, there is a lot of people who we will be stopping by to see, "after the holidays".

I guess the best thing we are seeing is that there is a less active family who we have been trying to get in with for forever, that started out with the husband just talking to us a little bit. Then it proceeded until eventually he would talk with us a bunch. Then one time we actually got let in and met the wife. Now we have an appointment set up with them this week, and will be teaching them. It's pretty cool to see this happen throughout our time here and makes us feel a bit satisfied that we have done something, instead of nothing happening for our entire time here.

This area is progressing slowly but surely, and hopefully we will see some baptisms in this ward coming up soon. Hope all went well for your Christmas, and will go well for New Years!

--Elder Huffaker

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